About Us

Who The F$&% is Racks Stevenson?

It's a fair question. 

Racks Stevenson is a collective of industry artists, producers, and engineers who are on a mission to curate some of the dopest, highest-quality sounds and samples that the beat making community has ever had access to.

As musicians ourselves, we are laser focused on developing packs that we would love to have for our own productions. Sometimes we are inspired by a particular artist, while other times we focus on a specific genre or instrument. No matter what the inspiration, we always aim to provide top notch sounds for you and the homies.

When we start creating a new pack, we always focus on a few core concepts:

Top Gear & EngineerS

We know what to use and when to use it. We're always experimenting with new gear to create richer, warmer compositions.


world-class musicians

Because who cares how great your mix is if the performance ain't there.

responsive support

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. We answer all messenger messages within 24 hours. Say less, we got you!